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Ontario University Prerequisite Course Guide

As you select your courses, it is important to consider the university program that you are interested in. Choosing courses from the university program prerequisites will ensure your options remain open when it comes time to apply for university.

Please note that for the programs listed below, the selected courses correspond to the most selective of university programs. Some universities will have nuances around the prerequisites listed below. These prerequisites are subject to change. If you have any questions, please consult with your guidance and university counsellor.
University ProgramGrade 12 English
(ENG4U or AP English)
Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors
(MCV4U or AP Calculus)
Grade 12 Advanced Functions
(MHF4U or MHF4U1)
Grade 12 Biology
(AP Biology)
Grade 12 Chemistry
(AP Chemistry)
Grade 12 Physics
(AP Physics)
Grade 12 Visual Art
Arts /Social Sciences / Humanities Yes
Social Sciences (Economics) Yes Yes
Architecture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sciences / Life Sciences / Medical Sciences Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kinesiology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Physical Sciences Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes Yes Yes Yes
Physical and Health Education Yes Yes

Course Selection Resources