Founded in 1913, Crescent School offers rich and diverse experiences and opportunities for boys in Grades 3-12 to learn, grow and thrive. 

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Crescent School’s Board of Governors establishes and directs policy and strategy for the school, oversees its financial affairs and physical resources, and appoints the Headmaster.
The Headmaster directs the day-to-day operations of Crescent School and the faculty members govern matters related to the student experience, both in and outside the classroom. While each group has certain authority over specific matters, all of our governors and school leaders share the same commitment to Crescent School’s mission, Men of Character from Boys of Promise. They are all dedicated to maintaining the same core values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Compassion that guide the behaviour and actions of our boys.

The Board’s 18 volunteer governors are appointed for three-year terms. The Board is comprised of Crescent alumni and parents of both current and past students. The Chair of the Board of Governors is Jamie Coulter '87 P'21, who assumed this position in September 2019.

Messages can be sent to the Chair of the Board at Board@crescentschool.org.

Crescent School's Board of Governors 2019-2020

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    Mr. Jamie Coulter 87

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  • Ms. Janet Bannister 

  • Ms. Rita Caporiccio 

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    Dr. Eileen de Villa 

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  • Mrs. Andrea DelZotto Hetherington 

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    Mrs. Catherine Herring 

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  • Mr. Rodney Hill 

  • Photo of Brian Lang

    Mr. Brian Lang 87

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    Mrs. Linda Mantia 

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  • Mr. George Mavroudis 

  • Photo of Glenn Shyba

    Mr. Glenn "Glenn" Shyba 

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  • Mrs. Matilda Sos Mavroudis 

  • Photo of Paul Spafford

    Mr. Paul Spafford 

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  • Photo of Nicole Swales

    Mrs. Nicole Swales 

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  • Photo of Kevin Teng

    Mr. Kevin Teng 

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  • Mr. Tim Watson 01

  • Photo of Tim Wiggan

    Mr. Tim Wiggan 90

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  • Photo of David Williamson

    Mr. David Williamson 

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