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Our focus on character education is aligned to our mission and an integral part of how we teach, motivate and inspire our boys.  
Why Crescent
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  • What is Crescent's Portrait of a Graduate?

    Crescent’s Portrait of a Graduate is a collaborative initiative that involved the entire Crescent community.

    It was an exercise that asked, “What knowledge, skills and character strengths will a Crescent graduate need to achieve future success, wellbeing and purpose in his career, community and family life?”

    The ultimate goal of the exercise was to ensure that each of our boys receives a strong foundation to learn, lead and leave a legacy.

  • Determining the qualities a Crescent graduate needs.

    We tapped into the collective wisdom of a wide range of people – over 700 in all, including students, teachers, alumni, parents and friends of Crescent.

    After examining their responses, we identified six essential qualities that a Crescent student should have upon his graduation.

    We then grouped these qualities into three guiding questions that we believe are central to a Crescent education:  
  • Who am I?

    A Crescent graduate is a moral person with the courage to uphold and act upon the highest standards of ethical behaviour. 

    A Crescent graduate must strive to be self-aware and self-regulating with a strong sense of purpose, agency and potential.
  • How do I lead?

    A Crescent graduate needs to maintain a commitment to be a positive leader who builds relationships and understands the importance of serving others in order to inspire action and accomplishment.  

    He must be a critical thinker who listens clearly, communicates effectively and collaborates well.
  • What is my legacy?

    A Crescent graduate must be an engaged citizen who respects people’s differences, is mindful of interconnectivity and seeks betterment in his local and global community.

    He must be adaptable, resourceful and creative in meeting the challenges of an increasingly complex world.
  • How is Crescent's Portrait of a Graduate being put into action?

    We continue to evolve our curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century.

    Each department in our school designs teaching objectives to deliver the key competencies for each essential quality.  We then evaluate student outcomes based on behaviours and knowledge that demonstrate these qualities. Importantly,

    Crescent’s co-curricular programming, facilities and technology resources all support these goals

Twelve Character Qualities of a Crescent Graduate

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