Crescent School is a highly supportive organization that is dedicated to excellence and innovation, and the ideal place to build your career.

Working at Crescent

    • Working at Crescent
At Crescent School, you will experience a workplace that is challenging, diverse, warm and fulfilling. Recognized and respected internationally as a leader in boys’ education, Crescent is the ideal place to build your career.

The heart of our school is our staff. Each member of the Crescent family – whether they are in academic, administrative or support roles – is committed to our mission of developing Men of Character from Boys of Promise. This collective dedication to educational excellence and social-emotional support of our boys inspires our staff and makes Crescent stand apart.

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  • Modelling Character

    Each day our staff model what it looks like to lead a values-based life. Both in the classroom and through our Character-in-Action programs in the arts, athletics, business, outreach and robotics, our students thrive and grow guided by adults who ensure each student feels known, cared for and recognized as an individual.

    Character development is infused through relational teaching, mentoring and innovative curriculum designed to keep boys engaged.
  • A Breadth of Experience

    Our teachers are academics, athletes, artists and business people who bring into every classroom an enthusiasm for their subjects and a broad understanding of the world. Many come from teaching at colleges, universities or schools around the world to share their expertise with our boys.

    Since 2014, four of our teachers have received the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence.

    The school operations are supported by administrative staff who bring diverse skills, knowledge and experience to their jobs. Administrative colleagues are experts in their fields; they are accountants, receptionists, fundraisers, cleaners and computer whizzes. Many of our administrative staff are involved in the boys’ activities as mentors, coaches, or as staff supervisors on trips.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging

    Crescent School strives to be a place where all members of our community feel they belong. This is achieved by living our core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion.

    We know that our learning community is enhanced by human differences — the diverse racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds of our students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. Over the past several years, we have actively pursued partnerships, formed student and staff alliances, and launched initiatives designed to make Crescent a more inclusive community. We are proud of the strides that we have made, yet we know that there is always more work to be done.
    You can read about the important work that Crescent is doing to train and educate our students and staff on our Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging web pages.
  • An Unparalleled Workplace

    As a Crescent employee you have the opportunity to develop and nurture lasting relationships with the students, your colleagues and the broader community. Our Headmaster is passionate about wellness and is deeply committed to ensuring that Crescent School is a place where staff and students can come to be well. 

    Your commitment to innovation, collaboration and your own professional development is supported by generous resources. Join a Crescent Professional Learning Community and delve deep into a topic that inspires you. Conduct an action research project to enhance your teaching. Travel with a group of students on an outreach or cultural experience. Participate in staff socials and get to know your colleagues on a different level. Make a difference.
  • Benefit Highlights

    • Enhanced compensation
    • A broad range of superior benefits
    • Teachers’ Pension Plan for those who qualify; a generous school pension plan for others
    • A holistic approach to wellness including fitness classes, staff socials, on-site massage and a ‘family first’ commitment
    • Generous paid time off for administrative staff (in addition to vacation) including a week+ during the winter break and one week during March Break, plus additional time off at the end of each term
    • An actively supported and well-funded professional development program
    • AQ and post-graduate degree allowance
    • State-of-the-art facilities and resources
    • Walking trails in the ravine
    • Staff rock band
    • Daily lunch and snacks
    • Opportunities for global travel
    • Upper School teaching load: 5 courses
    • Supportive and engaged colleagues: priceless!

Staff Testimonials

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  • Charlie Mills, Middle School Teacher

    Employee since 2008; Crescent Alumus - Class of 1999
    Coming back to teach at Crescent as a member of the Crescent alumni has been quite an honour. After experiences in both public and private schools as a staff member, I can say without reservation that it is the warmest and most supportive environment that I have been able to teach at.
  • Donna MacKenzie, Director of Business Development

    Employee since 2016
    What drew me to Crescent was its values and mission: Building Men of Character from Boys of Promise through respect, responsibility, honesty and compassion. What has continued to engage and fulfil me at Crescent, is not just how it lives its mission and values, but its focus on creating community, experiences and wellbeing for its students, faculty and staff.

    Crescent provides me with a challenging and fulfilling professional environment, where I can contribute to its goals of being an exceptional boys’ school and employer. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
  • Michael Jansen, Science Teacher and Director of the Summer Academic Program

    Employee since 1988;  Recipient of the 2018 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence
    Employment at Crescent means working with the best people – professionally and personally. I am given the autonomy to do my job. And I am given the resources to facilitate ongoing professional development.

    I am convinced that there is no better place to teach – anywhere – than Crescent School.
  • Natalie Vera, Lower School Teacher and Assistant Director of the Summer Academic Program

    Employee since 2005
    The minute I started working at Crescent, it felt like home. From day one, the staff and the community made me feel welcome. I feel supported and safe. I know I can lean on my colleagues for support and they can do the same with me. I look around at the Crescent community and I see I am surrounded by inspiring professionals and compassionate teachers and learners. Most importantly, I look around and I see family and friends. I know I am in the perfect place. It’s home!
  • Roman Arendacz, Handyman

    Employee since 1989
    Working as a handyman at Crescent was my first job when I came to Canada from Poland. I was still single and Crescent was like a family to me. I spent a lot of my time here and my colleagues became friends. Crescent is part of my life here in Canada. I have seen lots of changes since I started working here in 1989; Three Headmasters and several new buildings. I find working with staff a pleasure and they always ask me to do things in a pleasant way. I can tell they like me too; they are always asking about me and my family. Thank you for the opportunity to work here.
  • Trish Cislak, Head of Libraries and Director of Research, Crescent Centre of Boys' Education

    Employee since 2010
    Crescent has allowed me to work with and learn from incredible colleagues. Together, we get an opportunity to try new pedagogies, experience success and failure, and then create even better opportunities for the boys. The Libraries of Crescent are designed to enhance the learning environment for the boys. I am so proud to be impacting on the Crescent experience in so many ways!