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Crescent Diploma

The Crescent Diploma encapsulates what makes a Crescent education unique.

It signifies that a student has met Crescent’s enriched academic requirements, demonstrated the character qualities that underpin our Portrait of a Graduate, and was fully engaged in community life. It will be awarded to students graduating from Grades 6, 8 and 12.

Crescent is working with the Centre for Curriculum Redesign (CCR), a non-profit global leader in 21st-century education, to develop the diploma.  This partnership has helped shine a light on the trends shaping the future of education, ensured that any academic enhancements are grounded in research, and provided professional development to grow the capacity of Crescent leaders and faculty.


Learn More About the Crescent Diploma from Deputy Headmaster Nick Kovacs.

There are three main components of the Crescent Diploma.

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  • Modern and Future-Ready Knowledge (click to read more)

    Crescent has enriched the curriculum in two important ways. The first is by modernizing the content from traditional subjects, e.g. data science as part of mathematics, healthy relationships and consent as part of health education, and public speaking as part of the performing arts. The second is making room for new future-ready subjects like computer science, personal finance, psychology, and sociology, and topics such as artificial intelligence, coding, digital literacy and emotional intelligence.

Learn how coding and robotics skills in the Middle School prepare students for future academic and career pursuits.

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  • Character-Infused Education (click to read more)

    Crescent has always been a character school. What’s new is the deliberate, systematic, evidence-based approach to teaching and assessing character competency. Through their work with CCR, Crescent becomes one of the world’s first schools to integrate and develop evidence to demonstrate character competency across its curricular and co-curricular programs.

Learn how a growth mindset is taught in math class.

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  • Signature Experiences  (click to read more)

    The final component of the Crescent Diploma is signature experiences. Students earn badge credentials for a range of experiences that recognize effort and achievement above and beyond the core curriculum and are central to a boy’s character journey. Examples are the Grade 5 Let Grow badge, the Grade 7 Public Speaking badge and the Grade 11 Modern Masculinity badge. All signature experiences link back to one of Crescent’s twelve character qualities.

Learn how the Moral Dilemma writing program teaches Grade 6 boys to be better men.

The Crescent Diploma is symbolic of a well-developed Man of Character equipped to positively impact our world. The diploma rolls out for Grades 3 and 7 in the 2022-2023 academic year and in the following year for Grade 9. Many curricular and programmatic enhancements are currently in place and benefitting Crescent students today.