Crescent’s Character-In-Action programs provide our boys with authentic opportunities to develop character outside of the classroom.


    • Crescent Music Students
Crescent’s commitment to the arts is clearly shown by our superb facilities and the dedication of our faculty. We offer robust arts programming in the classroom as well as co-curricular activities. Crescent students of all ages are encouraged to take creative risks and explore their artistic abilities.

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  • Drama

    Crescent School's drama program helps boys develop their skills in creative thinking and communication, imaginative problem solving and ensemble building. Each year, Crescent produces three major productions. Acting, production and theatre-management roles give students an opportunity to participate on and off the stage. Drama productions are staged in the professionally equipped theatre in our Centre for Creative Learning.
  • Music

    Crescent School's music program includes many performance groups, including senior and junior choirs, chamber choirs, a senior jazz ensemble, a symphonic band, string and guitar ensembles and chamber groups. Students perform at assemblies, recitals and concerts. They also take part in regional and national music festivals and tour regularly.
  • Visual Arts

    Crescent School’s art classes inspire creativity in every medium. Three art studios offer natural light and a wide range of art materials and equipment. Student art shows are staged during the school year and students’ art is regularly displayed throughout the school. In Grade 10, the Media Arts curriculum allows boys to present even their grandest ideas through website design, video production, print, photography, sound and animation.

Arts Leadership

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  • Photo of Godric Latimer-Kim

    Godric Latimer-Kim 

    Subject Head, The Arts (Grade 7-12) and Director of Arts
  • Photo of Jen Johnson

    Jen Johnson 

    Subject Head, Arts (Grades 3-6)
  • Photo of Julie Brown

    Julie Brown 

    Lower School Faculty
  • Photo of Tim Evans

    Tim Evans 

    Middle School Faculty
  • Photo of Vince Volpe

    Vince Volpe 

    Middle School Faculty
  • Photo of Harriet Wynne-Jones

    Harriet Wynne-Jones 

    Middle School Faculty
  • Photo of Carson McGregor

    Carson McGregor 

    Upper School Faculty
  • Photo of Jody Roberts

    Jody Roberts 

    Upper School Faculty
  • Photo of Harold Timmermans

    Harold Timmermans 

    Upper School Faculty