Intersession Week is connected to our Experiential Learning Program and to the Crescent Diploma. It allows us to provide our boys with the types of learning experiences that we know they need but that can also be challenging to fit into our regular academic program. All programming will enrich and extend the Crescent curriculum while reinforcing specific character qualities for our Portrait of a Graduate.


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What is experiential learning and how will it benefit my son?

    Experiential learning is one of the School’s three boy-centered pedagogies. Simply put, it is the process of learning by doing and reflecting. Experience and research tells us that a hands-on approach to learning is especially powerful for boys. Moreover, an increasing number of Canadian universities are ensuring that every degree program includes some form of experiential learning component so that students graduate with practical experience. It is important to prepare our boys to succeed in these types of learning environments.
  • Doesn’t Crescent School already have a range of experiential learning opportunities?

    Absolutely! Many of our curricular and co-curricular activities are experiential. The difference is the nature of the programming that is being presented to the boys. Intersession will focus on deep learning in areas that can be challenging to fit into the day-to-day academic program. Community service and leadership development are examples of such areas.
  • What’s the connection to the Crescent Diploma?

    Signature Experiences are a key feature of the Crescent Diploma. These experiences are central to a boy’s character journey and include essential elements of our academic, co-curricular, and community programs. Given their importance, each of the Intersession Week experiences will eventually count as a Signature Experience. This will take some time to establish as it is tied into the roll-out of the Crescent Diploma. In the meantime, we know that all boys will benefit from the experiences regardless of whether or not they are explicitly tied into the diploma.
  • Is participation mandatory?

    Yes. These are instructional days and attendance will be taken.
  • Does this take away time away from other school-related activities?

    The programming is designed to enrich and extend our curriculum. Experiential learning experiences are by nature interdisciplinary, which means that they pull together curriculum strands from a variety of subjects. It is important for the boys to develop an ability to think and synthesize not only within but also across different school subjects. Moreover, our new 6-Term Schedule in Middle and Upper School has increased the annual number of instructional hours and unlocked additional time for Intersession Week. 
  • Will it cost money for my son to participate?

    The vast majority of Intersession experiences will be on campus or in the local community. As a result, the costs will be kept to a minimum and, in some cases, there will be no costs.

    In the Upper School, some students have opted to combine Intersession with International Outreach, a Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey or an International Exchange, in which case trip-related costs do apply.
  • Will other things be happening during the week?

    Yes. The daily schedule will closely mirror that of a regular academic day. Learning blocks will be interspersed with recess (Lower and Middle Schools), lunch in the Dining Hall, and community time. A detailed schedule for Intersession Week will be published in the New Year.

Watch highlights from the 2023 Intersession Week: