Crescent’s Character-In-Action programs provide our boys with authentic opportunities to develop character outside of the classroom.

Student Leadership

At every grade, Crescent boys have opportunities to build and demonstrate their leadership abilities.
In the Lower School, boys are encouraged to propose and develop outreach activities, and they take responsibility for morning announcements and assembly presentations. In Grade 6, boys run for election as House Captains, serve as lunchtime Table Captains and act as Reading Buddy mentors with their Grade 3 brothers.
Middle School leadership opportunities include the elected positions of House Captains and Class Reps. Clubs and teams also offer opportunities for boys in Grades 7 and 8 to develop their skills as project leaders and captains.
In the Upper School, boys take on greater leadership responsibilities for the entire student body. House Captains, Form Mentors, Prefects and the Head Boy guide the school culture. There are opportunities to hold executive positions on co-curricular teams and clubs. And there are meaningful opportunities to mentor and tutor younger students. Grade 12 boys also serve as Senior Mentors in their Mentor Groups.

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  • Our House System

    Crescent’s student body is organized into six Houses, each with a particular House colour:

    • Cartier (grey)
    • Hudson (yellow)
    • Mackenzie (light blue)
    • Massey (dark blue)
    • Simcoe (purple)
    • Wolfe (red)
    An elected House Prefect leads each House. He is responsible for running all aspects of the House. Elected House Captains support the House Prefects in all House initiatives, including House Meetings, major House events and the House intramural league.
  • Our Prefect Council

    Crescent’s Prefect Council is composed of 17 Prefects: the six House Prefects and 10 Portfolio Prefects, chaired by the Head Boy.

    Any Grade 11 student has the opportunity to become Head Boy, which is an elected position. The Portfolio Prefects are also elected and assigned specific roles by the Head Boy, in accordance with Canadian Parliamentary practice in which the people elect the strongest candidates then the Prime Minister assigns specific roles.

    The Prefect Portfolios are:

    • Assembly (2)
    • Arts
    • Communications
    • Grad Class and Alumni Liaison
    • Lower School Liaison
    • Middle School Liaison
    • Social
    • Upper School Liaison
    For more information on School Leadership opportunities and how members are elected, read about our Student Leadership Systems.

Meet the Head Boy

2023/2024 Head Boy
Tehseen Dahya
Class of 2024