Crescent’s Character-In-Action programs provide our boys with authentic opportunities to develop character outside of the classroom.


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Crescent School’s Outreach Program gives boys opportunities to participate in community service at the local, national and international level. They gain a broader understanding of the world, a greater awareness of the impact of their choices, and deeper empathy.

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  • Local Outreach

    In every grade, Crescent boys are actively involved in Outreach programs that are close to home. Integrated into our class schedules, these programs are designed to reflect Crescent’s core values: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Compassion.

    Here are some examples of our local Outreach programs:
    • Learning about the issues of poverty and homelessness by volunteering with the Good Shepherd Centre.
    • Building relationships that bridge generations by spending time with residents of local retirement homes.
    • Learning social and leadership skills through Right To Play activities with underprivileged children.
    • Developing empathy and understanding by tutoring and collaborating with younger students at other schools.
  • Experiential Trips

    For our Upper School students, our North American and International Experiential Trips offer hands-on service and/or cultural learning opportunities combined with life-altering cultural immersion experiences. These trips give the boys the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, develop personal leadership skills and reflect on the kind of men they want to become.

    Our Experiential Trips help boys develop a strong understanding of the connections between local actions and global consequences. We encourage our boys to learn about, care for, and contribute to society - to be "global citizens" with a social conscience.

    All trips are led by Crescent School staff and are developed in partnership with third-party travel providers. Students complete a learning component before and after their trip to deepen their learning experience.

    Our March 2024 destinations included India, Iceland, Tanzania, Spain & Morocco, British Columbia and Paris & Nice.

    Read more about our March 2024 Experiential Trips here

Outreach Leadership

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