How to Apply

Applying to Crescent School is easy. Everything is online - from our application form to information on tuition, fees and financial aid.
How to Apply




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  • What are the entry grade years for Crescent School?

    Here is the estimated new student intake by grade:

    Grade 3: 28–32 students

    Grade 4: 8–12 students

    Grade 5: 16–20 students

    Grade 6: 0–5 students

    Grade 7: 25–30 students

    Grade 8: 0–5 students

    Grade 9: 25–30 students

    Grade 10: 0–5 students

    Grade 11: 0–5 students
  • What is the typical class size at Crescent School?

    Typical class sizes are:

    Grade 3:
    2 classes 14–18 boys per class

    Grade 4: 2 classes 18–20 boys per class

    Grade 5: 3 classes 18–22 boys per class

    Grade 6: 3 classes 18–22 boys per class

    Grades 7 & 8: 5 classes 18–22 boys per class

    Grades 9–12: varies by course and subject
  • What is the cost of attending Crescent School?

    Tuition fees for the 2023–2024 school year are $39,590. Tuition at Crescent School includes our exceptional lunch program. 

    Each Crescent student has a personal Sundry Account that carries $1,000 payable annually at the time of registration. The Sundry Account covers purchases made in the Coyote's Den (uniform, school supplies) as well as other supplemental charges, e.g. class trips, team travel and tournaments, etc. If, during the year, the sundry account is depleted, additional funds will be requested. Click here for a list of supplemental charges.

    Families are also encouraged to make an annual donation of $2,500 on behalf of each son attending Crescent.

    New students, for their first year only, pay an enrolment fee currently set at $9,000. This fee is in addition to tuition. It is non-refundable and payable upon notification of acceptance of our offer.
  • Does Crescent School offer financial assistance?

    Yes. Crescent offers over $1.2 million in needs-based financial assistance each year to boys of promise in Grades 5–12.
  • How do I arrange to visit Crescent School?

  • What role does entrance testing play in the admissions process?

    Testing is one part of the process. Standardized test results are not always an accurate reflection of a student’s achievement or potential. However, testing offers a starting point to compare candidates and for discussion with families about the opportunities and challenges a transition to Crescent School might involve.
  • Do you accept international students? Do you offer an ESL program?

    International students who exhibit a proficiency in English are welcome to apply. Crescent School does not offer an ESL program.
  • How is a "Crescent Boy" chosen?

    Crescent School strives to select students with intellectual curiosity who will reflect our core values and have interests outside the classroom. A committee reviews and discusses the merits of every applicant before final decisions are made.
  • What kind of boy succeeds at Crescent?

    Boys who thrive at Crescent are engaged citizens who possess curiosity and a developing growth mindset. They are willing to be courageous, show compassion for others, possess self-awareness, and collaborate effectively. Our annual attrition rate of only 2-3% indicates that most boys who are accepted remain at Crescent through to graduation.
  • Why is Crescent School an all-boys school?

    Crescent is a school for boys by intention: we understand how boys learn, play and grow. Studies indicate that boys develop learning skills and abilities at a different rate than girls, particularly in terms of reading, writing and organizational skills in the early years. Social skills also develop at different stages. In its all-male environment, Crescent can utilize guidelines for development that are in line with current research findings on how boys learn. The school also provides ample opportunity for physical education and sports that addresses the kinesthetic aspect of male growth. As a day school, the students have ample exposure to social growth at home and on the weekend. Crescent School also provides co-educational, co-curricular opportunities such as drama productions, athletics, and social events with students from other schools.

    Learn more about why Crescent is an all-boys school
  • Does Crescent School have a before-school and after-school care program?

    Crescent School is pleased to offer CoyoteCare to our Lower School families (boys in Grades 3–6) who require child supervision outside of regular school hours.

    There is an extra charge for this program.
  • Do you offer a food services program?

    Yes, a daily lunch is included in the tuition fee. A variety of healthy choices are provided. Accommodations are made for students with special dietary needs.
  • Where do Crescent graduates attend university?

    Crescent graduates are admitted to top universities in Canada, the United States and abroad. Our University Counsellors provide expert advice and resources to help boys and their families determine the programs that are the best fit for their aspirations.