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Community Service

All Crescent students are required to complete a total of 40 hours (not 40 hours each year) of documented community service work before they graduate. This Ontario Ministry requirement must be met in order for students to be granted the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). While this requirement is mandatory, it is consistent with Crescent’s aim to encourage the realization that as members of the community we have a responsibility to others and that our help is needed and valued.

Students are encouraged to pursue volunteer opportunities that are personally meaningful and reach out directly to community organizations within their area. Students can also find community service opportunities in the Outreach resource post in the Green Room. Community service hours, along with a verification letter, must be entered into the Crescent Volunteer Hours Form, also found in the Green Room. Students are encouraged to complete the required 40 hours of community service in the early stages of their Upper School years.

40 in 9 Program

40 in 9 is an incentive program that encourages Grade 9 students to earn their 40 mandatory community service hours in their Grade 9 year.

The program is designed to:
  • Encourage and support our Grade 9 students in achieving and completing the mandatory 40 community service hours required for graduation as outlined by the Ministry of Education.
  • Create a more rounded individual with acts that depict and clearly demonstrate the schools core values.
  • Provide global and life experiences that allows each boy to find his passion and perhaps commit to a life of continued learning.
  • Expose the boys to life beyond what they currently know and experience.
  • Help our boys to understand that giving back is a civic responsibility, and that many corporations and universities look upon a willingness to serve in a favourable light.
  • Generate an interest in service that will lead to community contributions in excess of the required 40 hours.

Program Details:
  • Students may earn hours starting the summer at the end of their Grade 8 year.
  • Community service hours must be entered into the x2Vol Volunteer online platform. The link can be found on the Green Room in the Outreach and Volunteer Opportunities group page. Students are instructed on registration and usage of the program.
  • In order to qualify for the 40 in 9, students must complete their service hours by the end of April of their Grade 9 year. Every student that earns 40 hours or more will be invited to a breakfast celebration to recognize their contribution to our community.

Any questions about Crescent’s Community Service and Outreach Program should be directed to Sheryl Murray, smurray@crescentschool.org

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