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Crescent Summer Academic Program

Crescent School’s Summer Academic Program offers students an opportunity to accelerate learning and provide choice for additional courses. The program is co-educational and open to all high school students from independent, private and public schools. The Grade 10 to 12 summer courses are taught and evaluated to Crescent’s rigorous academic standards. This can be a good option for students looking to gain a credit over the summer.

Prerequisites are required and reviewed prior to confirmation of registration.

Summer Academic Program details are available in early February. Click here for the Summer Academic Program webpage.

Summer Enrichment Opportunities

The Guidance and University Counselling team continues to share opportunities for summer enrichment on the University Group page in the Green Room. We strongly recommend that students conduct their own research into determining what is the best fit for the age and stage in their life. The team is available to help students in the planning stages of these types of opportunities.

Course Selection Resources