Investigate the options to engage in research and reflective practice

Steps You Can Take

READ & REFLECT on a journal article relevant to your teaching or PLC:

  • Book time with Trish to navigate professional databases (Teaching and Learning section - Libraries block in Green Room) and networks, drop by the CCBE to check out the selection of professional books and resources you can borrow. 
  • Review IBSC Global Research findings to discover how boys learn best
  • Consider sharing your reflection with Lisa Weldon for the Crescent Considers weekly blog
  • Investigate the 4 research tiers you can connect with to enrich your practice. You need to do these in order to build your research and communication skills.

INVESTIGATE A CONFERENCE/WORKSHOP that is relevant to your folio goals:

  • Review the CCBE Research Application and Ethical Considerations
  • Get approvals and attend the conference/workshop
  • Meet with Sandy to determine how you will communicate your new learnings to benefit your colleagues and the boys via Crescent Considers or hosting a Micro PD session at an upcoming PD week


IBSC promotes the collaboration of educators in member schools worldwide to design, implement, evaluate, and report on in-depth action research projects they have undertaken to improve their effectiveness in the classroom and beyond.

2024–25 IBSC Action Research Program
Boys and Belonging: Facilitating Inclusivity, Diversity, and

Click here for more information.
Apply by November 1, 2023, to join the 2024-25 cohort of action researchers to help boys foster connection and improve their well-being. 

Other 2023 Opportunities 
Get started on your research and professional development journey by committing to sharing a Crescent Considers blog post with us. Connect with Trish to make this happen