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2023 Conference Presentations

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  • New Crossroads: A Praxis Approach to Educating Boys

    Michael Fellin - IBSC Workshop Presentation

    Despite much global attention, the education of boys remains a concern. While the emphasis of this concern varies, perspectives generally fall into two categories: practical and theoretical. Drawing on the work of Jacques Maritain and leading school practices, Mr. Fellin examined a distinctive praxis framework for boys' education to support self-reflection and school action.

  • Research in Boys’ Schools: Current Trends, Needs, and Opportunities

    Dr. Sandra Boyes - IBSC Research Committee Presentation, Auckland, NZ

    Research plays an increasingly important role in boys' education. Dr. Boyes is part of a panel that explores growing a research culture. With Crescent School as an integral part of the IBSC Board Research Committee, this presentation in Auckland saw Crescent School sharing its wisdom on building a culture of research by students to increase positive school culture.
  • IBSC Action Research Workshop Presentation

    Since 2005, the IBSC Action Research Program has impacted the work of more than 475 educators in member schools around the globe. Trish Cislak, a member of the leadership team, shared about action research and the IBSC Action Research Program structure. Her presentation focussed on the impact of teachers’ practice to enhance boys’ learning experiences as well as the global networking advantage of this program.
  • Challenge Success Spring Conference

    In collaboration with Jon Kleiman and Sarah Miles from Challenge Success, Trish Cislak and Grade 11 students Hong Duc Cheng and Jeremy Youwe presented how Crescent students ‘tracked the impact’ of their recommendations from their SPARC experiences the year before. The sense of accomplishment and agency felt by the students was communicated through a 20-minute virtual presentation.

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  • Welcome to the World of "Eggxtraordinary"!

    Ten years ago, I did something that I did not think I was capable of as an aspiring math teacher, and that was to write a children’s book. My inspiration sprang from a desire to weave a narrative that captivated young minds and imparted valuable lessons about individuality, diversity, and the beauty of embracing one's uniqueness. 
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