The key domains of character, wellbeing, pedagogy & diversity
Click on the links below to reveal the key takeaways and research details for each faculty research project. The findings have been categorized by the four areas of focus for CCBE research: Character, Wellbeing, Pedagogy & Diversity.


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  • Sheryl Murray: Using a Global Classroom to Promote Water Sustainability

    My two takeaways are:
    1. The real life connections were a powerful tool in changing the boys' attitudes towards global water sustainability.
    2. Student-produced videos from various cultural backgrounds, incorporating voices of students like themselves, increased awareness of water sustainability issues. “Talking with a group of students who were locals experiencing the issue, made it seem more real than just reading it from a book or watching it on the news. It was as if we were tourists visiting those countries and getting an opportunity to talk with the locals.”

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