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    Dr. Sandra Boyes 

    Executive Director of Professional Learning & Research, Head of Lower School
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  • Photo of Trish Cislak

    Mrs. Trish Cislak 

    Subject Head, Libraries and Research (Grades 7-12)
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  • Photo of Patricia Alviano

    Ms. Patricia Alviano 

    Assistant Head of Middle School
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  • Photo of Stephen Verzyden

    Mr. Stephen Verzyden 

    Learning Support Specialist
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    Dr.  Glenda Black 

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    Dr.  Phil Cummins 

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    Jon Kleiman 

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  • Photo of Roberta Longpré

    Mrs. Roberta Longpré 

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  • Photo of Joseph Nelson

    Dr.  Joseph Nelson 

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  • Photo of Gina Valle

    Dr.  Gina Valle 

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  • Photo of Greg Wells

    Dr. Greg Wells 89

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