House Day Returns With Flying Colours

Students, faculty, and staff celebrated the triumphant return of House Day on October 5, the first since the onset of the pandemic. The school was awash in blues, red, yellow, grey, and purple as Cartier, Hudson, Mackenzie, Massey, Simcoe, and Wolfe members displayed their House pride and team spirit. 

The day began with a full-school pep rally to ramp up the excitement for the day. The rally included some time-honoured House Day traditions, including the reading of the House Day creed spoken by the youngest member of the school. Another tradition that returned with a twist was welcoming our newest students through the student tower. In the past, this was only performed for the Grade 3s. This year, every new student to Crescent participated. “We like the idea of being more inclusive,” said Ari Hunter, Assistant Head of Upper School, Student Life. “This was a way for all new students, regardless of grade, to be welcomed and acknowledged.”

House teams blended boys from Grades 3 to 12 and competed in sports like touch football, soccer, baseball, tug of war, relay race, basketball, volleyball, and bench ball. Other activities included Pictionary, name that tune, trivia, mini market, and tug of war.

The culminating event saw the entire school gather on Innes Field. Organized by House, students stood in formation to create colourful letters on the field; a student-operated drone captured the image.  

By all measures, House Day was a huge success that saw Wolfe accumulate the most House points. More importantly, Crescent’s House spirit has never been stronger. “A huge congratulations to the Grade 12 students who deserve much of the credit for organizing the day,” said Hunter. “They’re really responsible for bringing House Day back in all its glory.”

Watch the pep rally hype video.