Intersession Week Delivers Signature Experiences

Signature experiences are a key pillar of the Crescent Diploma. These memorable experiences are central to a boy’s character journey, but they can be challenging to fit into the day-to-day academic program. 

Crescent is now delivering many signature experiences during Intersession Week, with dedicated experiential learning made possible by a new six-term schedule introduced alongside the Crescent Diploma. The inaugural Intersession Week took place March 6–9, 2023.

“Intersession Week allows us to press pause on our conventional academic program and offer a very different, but no less important or impactful, learning environment,” says Deputy Headmaster Nick Kovacs and chief architect of Intersession Week.

Students in every school division participate in Intersession Week. Unique, grade-specific programming covers themes such as community service, environmental studies, character and skill development. Consistent with experiential learning, students learn by doing and reflecting, a hands-on approach especially powerful for boys.

Some examples from Intersession Week include:

Grade 6 students focused on the character qualities of positive leadership and being an engaged citizen. Students took first aid training and participated in community service alongside partner organizations Leaders of the Day, Good Shepherd, and Vital CPR.

In Grade 8, leadership development was the focus. Activities deepened their understanding of leadership practice via guest speakers, a field trip to the Ontario Legislature, and a leadership training workshop at Claireville Conservation Area.

In Grade 11, students used a design thinking process to solve real-life challenges for partner organizations such as New Circles, Canvas and Loft.

Upper School students can combine Intersession Week with March Break, allowing for one-, two- or three-week student exchange, Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey, or international outreach trips. Six students participated in exchange programs with Nashville, New Zealand and Australian schools this year. A record number of students also took part in adventure and service trips to British Columbia, Yukon, Costa Rica, Iceland, and the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Watch the Intersession 2023 video.