Recognizing Black History Month at Crescent

"I can. I will. I believe!" Middle and Upper School students shouted these words passionately at a special presentation in the Lower Gym earlier in February. Their inspiration: artist Wayne Moore. 

In 2021, Moore made the pivot to art after a car accident left him unable to continue his career as a football player in the CFL. Art had always been a part of his life, his "hidden peace of mind and balance." As part of Black History Month, Moore told students why he believes in progression over perfection, the importance of self-discipline, and how he manifested a career in art.

Near the end of the month, all Crescent students heard from Akim Aliu, a former NHL hockey player and chair of the Hockey Diversity Alliance. Aliu’s book Dreamer tells his incredible story, from being the only Black child in his Ukrainian community, to his family struggling to make ends meet while living in Toronto, to confronting the racist violence he often experienced both on and off the ice. “I'm trying to make hockey more accessible and more diverse,” he said. “I want to be able to speak to kids like you and use hockey as a vehicle to create better humans.”

Upper School students also heard from their peers in the Black Student Association. In a video Q&A presentation, they opened up about their thoughts and experiences as Black members of the Crescent community. In addition to the special guest speakers, age-appropriate conversations and activities took place over February to honour Black History Month.