Ronald Chow ’16 Shares Journey to Medical School

“A lot of people have different journeys to medical school. They take different routes, they learn different skills, and that's okay because it doesn't matter how you get there,” Ronald Chow ’16 told the group of HOSA Crescent students in the auditorium.
After graduating from Crescent School, Chow did a four-year degree in medical science at Western University, earned a master’s degree in public health at Yale, and is now in his second year of medical school at the University of Toronto. He was visiting Crescent’s HOSA team to impart his advice and experience to students interested in the medical field. HOSA is a global, student-led organization that empowers aspiring healthcare professionals to become leaders in the global health community, through education, collaboration, and experience.

Chow is only partway through his journey to becoming a doctor, and encourages students to embrace their journeys, even if they take time. “It's 2023. I'm going to finish my medical training in 2033. For those of you who decide to pursue a future in medicine, or engineering, or law, these professions all have a long path,” he says. “And it’s never too early to start.”