CCBE Report Celebrates Student-Led Research

The Crescent Centre for Boys’ Education 2021-2022 annual report has been published. The report highlights CCBE’s work with the Grade 10 Student Participatory Action and Research Collaborative (SPARC) team. 

Two groups of students conducted research on how the pandemic impacted wellness, belonging, and other key elements of student life with the aim of improving school culture, policy and practice. “Their efforts led them to Pennsylvania to present their findings to the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education,” says Dr. Sandra Boyes, Executive Director of Professional Learning & Research and Head of Lower School. “The boys’ work was well-received and they represented Crescent School with professionalism and dedication.” 

The report covered other CCBE initiatives, such as character development through the 40 in 9 program, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging training led by Moral Courage educator Irshad Manji, and the IBSC Relational Teaching Special Interest Group workshop presentation by Dr. Sandra Boyes.