LUNA Nova Shines Bright

The tent in the Formal Garden was standing room only as the Grade 4 and 5 Performance Choir kicked off LUNA Nova on May 12. Their moving performance of Fly Away Home elicited thunderous applause from the packed audience of proud families. LUNA was officially back in person, for the first time since 2019.

LUNA is Crescent’s annual celebration of the curricular arts featuring performances and installations in music, drama, visual and media arts. At the opening ceremonies, Head of Arts Godric Latimer-Kim had instructions for the crowd of Crescent families: “Listen with your whole hearts. See with your whole hearts.” 

The Manor Courtyard had been converted into a sculpture gallery, with a dozen Upper School installations to browse. Hallways were covered with colourful art, and some installations even had QR codes that linked to audio of the student artist explaining their work. The Grade 3 Xylophones and Vocal performers played under the warm sun behind the Manor. Proud parents watched their sons play “If You’re Happy And You Know It,” and when the moment came, everyone clapped their hands with gusto. An impressive concert band made up of Middle and Upper School students performed the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean with aplomb; it was afterward that their conductor, Upper School music teacher Harry Timmermans, confided to the audience that they had only been playing together for two months.

The night closed with stellar musical performances from the Oscar Peterson Tribute Band, the Kyle Henderson Experience, alumni superstars The Pacifiers, and Captain Rubric and the Success Criteria. LUNA Nova came to an end having burned bright like its namesake, and bringing the Crescent community back together.