Crescent Robotics Team 610

First Runners-Up at FIRST Robotics Competition

“Never underestimate Team 610.” The event announcer spoke these auspicious words at the FIRST Robotics Ontario District Championship over the Easter long weekend. After a rocky start and a surprise comeback, they placed first runners-up at the Ontario District Championship. 

“There were many things that slowed us down during qualification matches,” shared Leo Liu ‘23, in a message to staff and team parents. “We had a tough schedule, experienced constant air problems which disabled our shooting, and finished day one with a devastating score of 0 to 4.” The team made modifications to address the air intake issues and fought their way into the playoffs. They then swept two higher alliances, moving on to the finals, where they ultimately lost to the first place alliance. They closed their season as first runners-up in the Ontario District. (They did not compete at the World Championships in Houston, Texas due to COVID-19.)

“Our strategy changed a lot throughout the competition,” says Marcella Fioroni, Director of Robotics. “Ideally, we wanted to have a strong offence. We had to adjust to play defensively, and it’s how we got into the finals. And we crushed it.”