COVID-19 Vaccination for Children: Answers from Experts

Vaccine ingredients, vaccine side effects and addressing a fear of needles among nervous children were some of the topics covered during the recent Crescent Parent Education event, Overcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy for Children. A common theme which emerged throughout the information session was, is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for young children? 

“Overall, the safety data from the trial is very reassuring,” shared SickKids Pediatric Infectious Disease physician Dr. Michelle Science. She pointed to the real-world experience: 5 million Canadian and American children under 12 years old have received their first dose of the vaccine to date, without significant “safety signals” (adverse events). 

Dr. Science was joined by SickKids pediatrician Dr. Julia Orkin, who detailed the benefits of vaccination including reducing the risk of individual illness, reducing the chances of infection spread, and supporting stability at school and home. “Vaccines are one of the ways we can help ourselves and our community.”

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