Coyotes Live Brings Game Time Home

Coyotes fans can now live stream Coyotes home games, thanks to our new Coyotes Live platform, powered by Playsight

It was fortunate timing—not pandemic necessity—that planning for Coyotes Live began over two years ago. “We wanted to be able to show our games to people who weren’t on campus,” says Griffin Bush ‘06, Middle School teacher and Head Coach for the senior boys basketball team. “We didn’t anticipate it being the only way that families and alumni could watch games, but it’s become more useful than we had initially anticipated.” Bush brings an added perspective given he is also an alumnus of Crescent. “I have many peers who want to stay connected to Crescent sports and this gives them a way to do it from wherever they are.” The recorded games are also a valuable tool for coaches to use for player development. “When players watch their [recorded] games as a team, their desire to improve is huge,” adds Bush.

The video equipment was delivered and installed right before the pandemic hit, however, the network wasn’t functional until early December. Cameras are set up in both the Upper and Lower Gyms; software is used to schedule the games and to link the cameras to the scoreboard system so that it displays for viewers. The cameras move automatically to track player movement. Crescent was the first high school in Canada to implement Playsight, which is also used by professional teams like the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs.