Empowering Boys to Be Part of a Positive Change

"We at Crescent want to challenge negative, outdated concepts of manhood and inspire one another, and embrace the incredible potential we have to be a part of a positive change." Assembly Prefects Nolan and Kayvan shared these words as they led Upper School students in taking the White Ribbon pledge during the Upper School’s launch of White Ribbon Day. 

For the two weeks surrounding December 6, Crescent’s social workers developed and helped lead age-appropriate programming, lessons, and discussions about the importance of ending gender-based violence. Lower and Middle School students learned about patriarchy, gender inequality, and unhealthy masculinity. In Mentor Group, Upper School students discussed themes of unpacking masculinity, sexual violence and consent, and the benefits of gender equality. The December 6 assembly focused on events close to home—the Montreal Massacre, the Toronto van attack, and the Nova Scotia massacre—giving students a chance to reflect and express compassion for survivors. 

Lessons were delivered with a message of hope: “If we lead by example, we can model for our children an ability to ‘do hard things,’” shares Lower & Middle School social worker Jessica Furman. Crescent boys of all ages are being taught the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and compassion, all of which are key to White Ribbon Day, and to the fight against gender-based violence.