Phase II Dining Hall

Crescent Moves to Phase II of Safe School Reopening

“We feel that it is the right time to implement the second phase of our safe school reopening plan,” proclaimed Deputy Headmaster Nick Kovacs in his November 3 letter announcing that several COVID-19 restrictions were being lifted. The exciting transition is the result of our community’s careful planning and adherence to safety protocols, high student and staff vaccination rates and the rollout of rapid antigen testing in the Lower School, a community that until now has not been eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination.

The changes taking place offer the boys more opportunities to socialize with their friends and use additional school facilities. These include allowing Lower and Middle School students to participate in co-curricular activities and recess by grade rather than class cohorts for more enriching social interactions. Upper and Middle School boys now have locker access, making the logistics of their school days much easier. 

Middle and Upper School students return to the Dining Hall after 20 months of eating pre-packaged lunches in their classrooms. And the Grad Lounge, a space exclusively for Grade 12 students, is once again available. “These hubs are places where friendships are formed and nurtured,” says Kovacs. “They are part of the magic that makes Crescent such a special place.”  

The school is carefully monitoring the impact these changes will have on the health of our community and is prepared to reintroduce certain health and safety measures, if necessary.