Grade 9 Students Benefit From Using E-Portfolios

Crescent School staff
E-portfolios can capture students’ experiences in the classroom, help develop their learning skills and allow them to take ownership of their learning experience. These are the Grade 9 Portfolio Project findings from a series of CCBE workshops run by Trish Cislak, Head of Libraries and Research at Crescent, and Upper School learning support specialist Rob Messenger.
The project, which began in January 2021, taught students how to implement retrieval practices, set intentions for short and long-term skill development, and understand the benefits of reflection/metacognition practices. Students used the e-portfolios to track their use of these skills and how they can benefit from using them in the long term.

“By providing students opportunities to understand how they are developing as learners, we are also teaching them self-efficacy, awareness, regulation and determination,” says Messenger. “This helps them direct their own desired learning outcomes and become reflective and proactive in their practices.”

Adds Cislak, “This is a must-have, future-ready skill that will serve the boys well beyond their time at Crescent.” The CCBE is now investigating specific opportunities to implement e-portfolios in a Grade 9 course, to help students understand where to implement the skills and track their growth in a specific class.