Looking Ahead: Crescent Unveils New Strategic Priorities

A Crescent diploma. Expanding the Crescent Centre for Boys’ Education research programs. Executing Phase One of the Master Campus Plan. Growing Crescent’s Student Financial Assistance endowment. Deepening alumni engagement. These are just some of the strategic priorities identified in Fulfilling Our Promise: Crescent School Strategic Priorities 2020-2024.

“Strategic planning provides an opportunity to contemplate our future and commit to ongoing improvement,” says Mr. Fellin. “It serves as a road map for ways to strengthen our mission delivery and realize our vision.” The Board of Governors plays a significant role in setting the school’s direction. “The Board’s role is to help identify strategic priorities,” says Board Chair Jamie Coulter ‘87, P’21. “We work in partnership with the school leaders to establish goals and objectives, allocate funding and provide an element of accountability.”

The strategic priorities are structured around four areas: Our Way focuses on academics; Our People focuses on faculty and staff growth and development; Our Campaign is focused on campus development and endowment; and, Our Future, which addresses long-term sustainability, future possibilities and alumni engagement. “I see all these wonderful things for the school in the coming years, and I’m really excited about it,” says Fellin.

Fellin says that the plan’s title, Fulfilling Our Promise, is significant. “Our previous plan was foundational; over its course, we articulated our academic plan, established the Crescent Centre for Boys’ Education, developed the Master Campus Plan and deepened our ties with our Alumni,” he says. “This plan builds upon that work, and further fulfils each of these areas.”

The strategic planning process began in September 2019. It was a highly collaborative process, involving Crescent’s Board of Governors, Executive Team, parents, students, faculty & staff and alumni. The Crescent Board approved the plan in June 2020 but its rollout was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Headmaster Michael Fellin and the Board believe that the Crescent community is now in a better mindset to contemplate the road ahead for the next four years. The 2020-2024 strategic priorities were unveiled in January 2021 through Zoom meetings with Crescent’s parent community and faculty and staff. 

For more details about the plan, including videos by key members of Crescent’s leadership leading many of the strategic initiatives, visit the Fulfilling Our Promise microsite here.