Outreach Trips Give Students New Perspectives

Before the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to travel, Crescent School students explored other cultures on this year's four Upper School Outreach trips.

In February, 12 Crescent students travelled to Moose Factory and Moosonee in Northern Ontario, where they learned about local Indigenous culture. In March – returning just before the borders closed – 35 students visited Ecuador (see photo), South Africa and Tanzania. On each trip, the students learned about the regions' environments, histories and customs. There were hands-on community service projects, connections with local people and physically demanding journeys that required endurance and team work. All the Outreach trip experiences provided a new perspective on other people's lives while building the students’ confidence and sense of self.

"The boys immersed themselves in these experiences, challenging themselves to further understand and respect the value that people from different backgrounds bring to our society." says Sheryl Murray, Crescent's Director of Outreach.

Part of Crescent's Character-In-Action program, the Upper School Outreach trips have been offered to various destinations for more than 15 years. Crescent partners with experiential travel experts, such as Me To We and World Challenge, to give the students a safe and enriching experience. At the heart of each trip is an opportunity for the student to make a difference in the lives of others, develop personal leadership skills and reflect on the kind of men they want to become.