Teaching Our Boys to be Responsible Digital Citizens

by Crescent School Staff
All elementary school librarians in Ontario have added a digital citizenship unit to their library programs, but Crescent integrates these concepts throughout the entire year, beginning in Grade 3.
“Our boys must learn how to navigate the digital world and take ownership of their digital lives,” says Tracey Forbes, Lower School Librarian, who taught digital citizenship as part of the Lower School library program before she retired in late December 2019. “Their digital footprint can affect their online reputation for years to come.”

“The boys are taught to examine their online responsibilities,” Forbes says. “We cover the differences between in-person and online communication, the use of private and personal information on the internet and their personal devices, and the benefits versus risks of sharing certain types of information online.”

“Ultimately, we are teaching our boys to uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour in the digital world and to build positive online relationships,” says Forbes. “A Crescent boy is mindful of the interconnectivity of his local and global community, which includes his digital community.”

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