How do we choose the right school for our son?

Dave Shaw, Director of Enrolment and Financial Aid, answers the question: "How do we choose the right school for our son?”

Here is a summary of the video:

Choosing a school is a big decision. There’s lots of information to sift through and sometimes it can seem overwhelming.

Here are some ways to make the right school decision for your family:
  1. Make a list of all the things you and your son are looking for in a school.
  2. Visit more than one school, and bring your son with you if you can. Every school is unique and you will learn a lot from seeing how they do things differently.
  3. For each school you are considering, ask questions about its academics, extra-curriculars and any special programs they offer.
  4. Pay attention to the students you see at the schools you visit. Do the boys look happy and engaged in learning?
  5. Talk to the students, teachers and parents at schools you are considering. Ask them questions about the things that are important to your family.
  6. Finally, ask your son where he feels he belongs. Remember, his opinion counts!
If Crescent is a school you are considering for your son, please visit us to learn more about what we offer.

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