Summer Learning for Crescent Faculty and Staff

Crescent School teachers and administrators love learning. In fact, more than 35 Crescent faculty and administrators engaged in professional development opportunities this past summer, building their skills and expanding their knowledge.
“I am proud of Crescent’s commitment to the ongoing growth and development of its faculty and staff,” says Dr. Sandra Boyes, Executive Director, Professional Learning & Research and Head of Lower School. “Professional learning opportunities further develop the knowledge, skills and abilities essential for individuals to flourish at school. We are all life-long learners and care deeply about building a culture where we grow and thrive.”

As part of her summer learning, Dr. Boyes attended the Educator Summit presented by Character Lab and the Relay Graduate School of Education in Philadelphia. This two-day conference brought scientists, educators and thought leaders together to share and strategize ways to infuse character development in schools. Dr. Boyes was also recently appointed to the IBSC Research Committee, which facilitates, contributes and disseminates research that supports best practices in education for meeting the needs of boys.

Here is a sampling of other professional development experiences that Crescent faculty and staff engaged in over the summer:

Middle School faculty member Charlie Mills earned his CAIS Independent School Leadership diploma, having completed his 10th training module over four summers through the CAIS Leadership Institute. The modules covered subjects that are essential to independent schools: advancement, admission, academic administration, finance, governance, HR, teamwork, school culture and leadership, and coaching. “It has been a rewarding and educational experience and has helped me to understand the interdependence of all of these components,” Mills says. (In the photo, Mills is shown receiving his leadership diploma from CAIS Executive Director Patti MacDonald.)

Upper School faculty member Annie Li attended the CollegeBoard AP Chinese Language and Culture Summer Institute in Atlanta. More than 760 teachers from around the world were at the summer institute, with five teachers participating in the in-depth exploration of the AP Chinese course material and assessment rubrics. “I am looking forward to working with my students to achieve their goals in Mandarin learning in this new school year,” says Li.

Learning Support Specialists Patricia Alviano, Merrick David, Candace Harrison and Rob Messenger completed the York University’s Principals’ Qualification Program. With peers from independent schools across Ontario, they covered topics such as ethics in leadership, legislation and policy specific to independent schools, and creating and engaging school communities.

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Upper School Nick Kovacs participated in the “Compassion to Action 2019” tour hosted by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center. On a 10-day journey through Berlin, Krakow and Israel, the delegation of Canadian mayors, police chiefs and educators learned ways to counter hate and discrimination, stand up for human rights, and promote Holocaust education.

Lower School faculty member Natalie Vera upgraded her Flipgrid certification and is now a Level 2: Flipgrid Certified Expert. Flipgrid is a tool that allows students to record and share short videos about classroom topics.

Upper School faculty member Marcella Fiorini attended the annual conference of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) in Bologna, Italy.

In June, 14 faculty and staff members represented Crescent at the annual conference of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC) in Montreal. Several of them presented workshops on topics such as relational learning, wellness, Indigenous perspectives and arts education.

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