What I Learned From Working At Crescent Camps

by Patrick Blais '19
Over the past two summers, I had the opportunity to work at Crescent Camps. As an instructor in the Robotics Camp program, I worked alongside Crescent teachers and other instructors to teach girls and boys a robotics curriculum very similar to the one we learn at Crescent.
One of Crescent Camps’ unique points of difference is that it focuses primarily on the areas in which Crescent School excel: robotics, business, theatre, arts & media and athletics. This has created a great working environment for Crescent students and alumni because they already have the experience required to lead the programs.

Crescent Camps gave me a chance to explore my leadership abilities and style. I had not held a formal student leadership position before, and the camp was instrumental in making me a more confident and capable leader. My first year as an instructor set me up effectively to take on a greater role as Assistant Coordinator for the Robotics Camp program when I returned in my second year.

The camp taught me a lot about teaching and gave me a new-found respect for all the teachers I’ve had. I understood some of the frustrations that can come with teaching kids, and I carried this with me during my final year at Crescent.

Some of the most important things that I learned from working at Crescent Camps are:
  1. The campers look up to their instructors and you quickly become a role model for them.
  2. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be crazy, the campers love it.
  3. The campers will have a lot more fun if they see you having fun too.
Overall, I had a great time working at Crescent Camps. Being a counselor gave me the chance to share what I’ve learned at school with campers who are enthusiastic to learn and are engaged in the program. I benefitted immensely from the experience and would highly recommend it to other Crescent students or alumni.

Patrick Blais is a Class of 2019 alumnus of Crescent School.