Virtual Reality is the New Reality in the Media Arts Lab

by Crescent School staff
Upper School students are using high-tech tools to express their creativity.
Carson McGregor, Upper School Media Arts Teacher, is expanding his media arts labs to include film and graphic design work in 3D. Students who have built a strong foundation in traditional film techniques are now experimenting with storytelling using virtual reality and fully immersive environments. Students are using the Samsung Gear 360 and the Go Pro Fusion to capture images, and the Oculus Rift and the Lenovo Daydream to view their work.

“We want our boys to be on the bleeding edge of technology,” says McGregor. “This technology is the standard for professionals working in the field today.”

Working with 360-degree footage and 360-degree design is challenging. Mastering this cutting-edge software will prepare students for the future of immersive content.

“This new wave of cinema and design brings the viewer closer to the experience than ever before,” says McGregor. “The students are excited to explore how this technology will allow them to express their creativity and tell new stories. They are pushing the boundaries of design and breaking the mould of the video of our day.”

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