Celebrating Lunar New Year

Family stories and holiday traditions were the focus of Crescent’s Lunar New Year celebrations in February.

Many parents joined their sons to share their cultures’ customs at the Lower & Middle School assembly on February 8. These included the Korean board game called Yunnori, crafts such as Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting and sugar spun into zodiac symbols, Chinese opera, the Chinese martial art called Tai ji quan (also known as tai chi) and the game of shuttlecock kicking called Da Cau in Vietnam and and Jianzi in China.

At the Upper School assembly on February 14, Mandarin class students presented their video featuring staff and students explaining their Lunar New Year traditions. There was also a trivia contest about Chinese culture and language, and a presentation about the Chinese zodiac.

Crescent's celebrations extended to the Dining Hall, which offered a special menu featuring Korean and Chinese dishes on February 8.