Vince Volpe

Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher and Food Blogger
“My grandfather was a chef and restauranteur. His passion for food was contagious and from my early teen years I have always loved being in the kitchen.
“If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be a chef and own my own restaurant. My cousin moved to British Columbia in 1979 to pursue his cooking passion. He eventually opened a restaurant in Powell River called The Rocky Mountain Pizza and Bakery and it has been successfully operating for over 25 years. I helped him with the opening and that really inspired me.
“I recently started an Instagram account called @volpeskitchen. I post weekly cooking techniques, tips and tricks in the kitchen, recipes, and meals that I have prepared. I have almost 450 followers.
“I have wonderful conversations with my colleagues at Crescent about food, the restaurant industry and the secrets of my kitchen.”
Vince Volpe teaches instrumental music in the Middle School. He is also a Home Form mentor and the U14 hockey coach. He has been at Crescent since 2004.

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