A Modern Spin on a History Lesson

by Crescent School staff
Crescent School teacher Alicia Hawryluk's Grade 10 history students demonstrated their knowledge of World War I by presenting board games, dramatic debates, architectural models, propaganda posters and other creative projects.
“Boys learn best when they are up and active”, says Hawryluk. “This project gave them a chance to act, write, use their hands, or use technology to create a dynamic, 21st century learning product.”

Hawryluk is referring to a Grade 10 Canadian History assignment where students selected not only what they were learning but how they would present what they learned.

The students used an inquiry-based learning model to research their chosen WWI topics, such as the conscription crisis, major Canadian battles, advances in military technology, trench warfare, propaganda and the home front. Their presentations took the forms of board games, posters, videos, letter chains, dramatic debates and architectural models. Their research was comprehensive and their classmates enjoyed the creative presentations.

“The success of the project has given me creative ideas for my other classes,” says Hawryluk. “The boys took great pride in their work and enjoyed the learning process. It reaffirmed what I already knew – that boys really do learn best through active learning initiatives.”

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