Crescent is the Best School Ever

by Grade 3 Student Fangda Cui
Grade 3 student Fangda Cui presented this speech for our Lower School Public Speaking Competition.

Crescent is the best school ever because everybody in Crescent is really nice. When I moved to Crescent from my old school I felt happy because my classmates are really nice, bright, and passionate. The teachers are also very energetic. They do not only care about our studies but they also care about our health and emotions. Crescent is like one big family!
We have a wonderful cafeteria in Crescent. The food is really yummy and you don't even need to bring in your own lunch. We always get a hot and fresh lunch from our cafeteria. In the cafeteria they have different kinds of food. Therefore you can design your individual lunch – that's also my mom's favorite part.

Crescent school provides a lot of activities that lets you choose. Arts, sports, robotics, music, and leadership. My favourite part are sports and robotics. This year I joined the soccer team , basketball team and intramurals. I made a lot of  friends and learnt how to communicate with my teammates. Also, I know how to lead my team to win, or if we lose I make sure we always learn something. In robotic class I learn creative skills to build a robot.

Crescent is also very beautiful. We have beautiful building, clean, classrooms and organized library. We also have a huge soccer field and a running track. Inside the field is where the soccer field is in the corner we have a baseball court. Crescent also has a basketball court and a four-square court.

In conclusion, Crescent is the best school ever! I feel very lucky that I get to go to such a wonderful. I'm sure all of you can agree.

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