Martha Miller

Enhancing Grade 9 Boys’ Learning by Incorporating Reflection
See Ms. Miller and Mr. Carson’s action research poster here.

Martha Miller is Director of Innovation and Technology at Crescent School. She conducted her action research project in 2015 in partnership with Crescent faculty member Carson McGregor.

What question did your action research explore?
How might an intentional focus on reflection during a maker project deepen / enhance the learning of Grade 9 boys?

What was your key finding?
Peer evaluation was found to be a very valuable tool by the boys. They did not participate as much, or find as much worth, in self-reflection/evaluation practices.

How did the research process enhance your approach to teaching?
It added a new layer to how I engage the students in topics, skills and activities by bringing in more peer work, while still providing individual evaluations. This work has led me to become more interested in Project Based Learning whereby I can allow my students to explore topics of their interest to a depth that I hadn't implemented previously, with the help of their fellow students.