Gavin Muranaka

Head of Business Studies
How long have you been teaching at Crescent?
Since 2007.

What motivated you to become a teacher?
My previous career was in venture capital and private equity investing, but I had always enjoyed teaching and explaining things, all the way back to high school. The switch from the finance industry to teaching was a huge jump but one that I’m really happy with.

Describe a significant experience in your career.
At the end of every school year, I’m struck by how much the Grade 12 boys have learned about economics, business and the world. We can have real, in-depth conversations about real-world current events. It’s hard to believe that these are the same boys who came into economics class at the beginning of Grade 11, then knowing so little about the same topics. I’m sad to see the Grade 12s leave but excited at the same time to teach a new generation of students.

What is your philosophy of education?
I want to inspire a passion for business in my students. Developing a relationship with each student is so important – the better I can connect with them, the better they will do in the class. High standards and expectations are crucial. The responsibility for learning rests with the students. The teacher gently guides, the student has the responsibility to do the work to learn, analyze, understand and apply. The Crescent School Business Team, our co-curricular business program, is an extension of our classroom, providing meaningful experiential opportunities for students to use their knowledge and skills in real-life situations. If we’ve done it right, we will have inspired passionate students aiming high, achieving high, and who have the opportunity to apply their foundation of knowledge in real, co-curricular situations. They will have the knowledge, skills and work ethic for high achievement in university and beyond.

Career Notes
  • Teaching career began in 2007 at Crescent School
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA)
  • B.Comm. from Queen's University
  • Co-curricular activities at Crescent include advising the Business Team (consisting of Case Competition Team, DECA, Junior Business Club and Entrepreneurship Club) and coaching the senior and junior golf teams