Godric Latimer-Kim

Head of Performing & Visual Arts
How long have you been teaching at Crescent?
Since 2003.

What motivated you to become a teacher?
While I was working as a university admissions coordinator, I met Jeff Mitz, who was head of Guidance at Crescent School at that time. At a career crossroads, I was preparing to write the LSAT and MCAT but was lost on where my heart really wanted to be. Through an unexpected conversation with Jeff, he helped me see my future as a school teacher. I went home that day and applied to teachers’ college, and I’ve never looked back or second-guessed that choice.

Describe a significant experience in your career.
As an Upper School drama teacher, I’m afforded a unique opportunity of being part of an experience with these young men which, for some of them, is life-changing. One particular moment that stands out was during our 2011 production of Rent. One of the boys, who had experienced quite an emotional journey throughout the rehearsal process, came to me on closing night with tears in his eyes and said, “being part of this show has changed my life. I will never forget this experience as long as I live.” To know that I was part of that for this young man holds a tremendous amount of meaning for me.

What is your philosophy of education?
Drama is a subject that challenges students to express themselves in a wide variety of ways. Students step beyond their comfort zone to create authentic characters and genuine moments on stage. This often requires students to reveal a fair degree of vulnerability. Through this vulnerability I have seen students grow, develop and mature in vast and beautiful ways. I believe in my students and all they are capable of. I strive to empower my students to step out of their comfort zone and achieve what they believed they weren’t capable of.

Career Notes
  • Teaching career began in 1996; joined Crescent School faculty in 2003
  • Created and developed the Grade 3-8 drama program at Crescent
  • Acted professionally on stage and TV for 25 years
  • Co-curricular activities at Crescent include working as part of collaborative team to direct and produce three drama productions each year