Crescent Parent Association

CPA Pledges $500,000 for Scholarship Fund
The Crescent Parent Association (CPA) is extending its generous support for financial aid at Crescent through the CPA Centennial Scholarship Fund.

Endowed in perpetuity in 2006, the scholarship fund currently supports one Upper School boy – Head Boy Cooper Midroni ’16 – during his four-year enrolment at Crescent School. The CPA Leadership Team’s unanimous decision to pledge $500,000 over the next three years to the CPA Centennial Scholarship Fund will double the fund’s impact.

“We are thrilled that our additional pledge will give the Scholarship Fund the ability to support two Upper School students,” says Lori Fisher, CPA President for 2015/2016. “We know these boys will add to student life and diversity at the School, thus benefitting all our sons.”