The Latifi Family

"We feel that it was important to invest in the future of Crescent School."

Michael and Marilena Latifi are very proud of their family’s connection to Crescent School. Two of their four children – Nicholas ’13 and Matthew ’21 – are Crescent boys.

"Our family has had the privilege to benefit from the legacy of parents whom had invested in the past," say the Latifis. "It was very natural for us to continue to lead by example and support the campaign to ensure that Crescent School’s legacy continues for the benefit of the next generation of Boys of Promise."

In 2013, as Crescent celebrated its 100th anniversary, the Latifis made an exceptionally generous donation of $1.5 million to the Great Boys campaign. The Latifi Family Commons was named in honour of their generosity, creating what has become a favourite space for Crescent’s Upper School boys.

“There are no words that could begin to express the sense of pride and passion our family feels towards our association with Crescent School over the past 10 years,” say the Latifis.