• February

    Promoting a Healthy Body Image

    By Andrew Trozzi, Middle School Faculty
    Any boy who has played with a Batman or Spiderman action figure has been exposed to a toy of a male hero who possesses a hyper-muscular physique. In fact, if these toy’s dimensions were to scale, Batman’s biceps would be the same size as his waist. It is this type of unrealistic notion of the male body that garners admiration and respect from others, argues Dr. Roberto Olivardia, and has led many boys to develop an unhealthy obsession with the muscularity of their body and, ultimately, a harmful body image.
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  • Promoting Self-Acceptance And Positive Body Image Among Boys

    By Caitlin Tino, Lower School Faculty
    I recently attended an informative lecture by Dr. Roberto Olivardia that delved into the topic of body image in boys. With over 30 years of experience treating boys with various body image needs, Dr. Olivardia brought a wealth of knowledge and insight to the conversation. The lecture shed light on an often overlooked and misunderstood issue: 1 in 4 boys beginning as early as age 8 struggle with body image concerns.
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  • January

    Welcome to the World of "Eggxtraordinary"!

    By Justin Gadd-Thomson, Lower School Faculty
    Ten years ago, I did something that I did not think I was capable of as an aspiring math teacher, and that was to write a children’s book. My inspiration sprang from a desire to weave a narrative that captivated young minds and imparted valuable lessons about individuality, diversity, and the beauty of embracing one's uniqueness. 
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