Virtual Assessments

All applicants must complete a grade-specific assessment which takes place online. It is an integral part of the application process.

The assessment is a cooperative effort with peer schools Royal St. George’s College and Upper Canada College so that candidates for all three schools need only write the test once. The dates for these assessments are firmly set in the calendar; alternate dates are not available. Given the importance of this assessment, we strongly recommend that it take precedence over any extracurricular commitments. 

DateTime (EST)Grade
Saturday, December 10, 20229–11 a.m.Grade 7
Saturday, December 10, 20221–3 p.m.Grade 9
Saturday, December 17, 20229–11 a.m.Grades 3 & 4
Saturday, December 17, 20221–3 p.m.Grades 5 & 6
Saturday, January 14, 20239–11 a.m.Grades 8, 10 & 11
Saturday, January 14, 20238–10 p.m.Overseas Candidates (all grades)
This online test is made up of two parts: math and English. The test for applicants entering Grades 3–6 is a 30-minute math test and a 30-minute English test, with a short break in between. The test for applicants entering Grades 7–11 is a 45-minute math test and a 45-minute English test, with a short break in between. 
There is no preparation required to write this admission test and we are not able to disclose further details about the assessment being used.