Samantha Pena

Upper School Math and Technology Teacher and Aerial Gymnast
“As an ex-cheerleader, I have always craved the excitement of flying through the air. What started for me as a hobby has become my second profession.
“I started taking silks classes in university. It was something I did for fun and as an athletic and creative outlet. Now I specialize in aerial silks (the long fabric) and I also work with a standing lyra (a hoop). I never expected that it would be more than a hobby, but I have been performing professionally in the circus industry for the last five years.
“I enjoy the challenge of combining strength and beauty in a performance that looks effortless. I love learning new skills and tricks and adding them to my performance repertoire. There’s quite a bit of thrill involved as I perform without the use of safety lines.
“I had the privilege of performing at Crescent during one of our Luna arts showcases. I don’t suspect that any of my students knew I did this sort of thing in my spare time.”
Samantha Pena is an Upper School mathematics and technology teacher. She joined Crescent in 2017.

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