David Finkelstein

Upper School English Teacher and Rocker
“I am gratified when people smile and groove at one of our shows. Music should be entertaining and positive.
“As a child, I was surrounded by talented musicians. My father taught me how to play the flute and my stepfather, an incredible guitar and bass player, encouraged me to pick up the guitar. These two very different musicians shared a common love of music, and helped me gain an appreciation of music in its many forms.
“Being part of a band provides me with an outlet for my creativity. I play lead guitar for Red Zeppelin, a Led Zeppelin tribute band. We have been performing together for over 10 years. I’m involved in a lot of charity concert performances through Red Zeppelin and other “supergroups” which have raised over $50,000 for various charities.
“I believe that being in a band helps me be a better teacher. Teaching is very much a performance, so we need to find ways to keep our audience inspired and engaged.”
David Finkelstein is an Upper School English teacher. He joined Crescent in 2016.

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