Nancy Elliott

Student Services Co-ordinator and A Cappella Chorus Singer
“I have been a musician all my life. I was looking for a different outlet for my music, and in 1994, I found Sweet Adelines.
“Sweet Adelines is a women-only, A cappella singing organization. Teams (called “choruses”) compete regionally to win a spot in the International competition. I sing with the North Metro Chorus. We have performed in Nashville, Phoenix, Seattle, Honolulu, Las Vegas (3 times), Denver and St. Louis. My chorus has won five international competitions since 1996, most recently in 2017.
“Our chorus is a rule breaker. We use costumes, make-up and stage direction to challenge convention and be more relevant and modern. In our last competition, we performed an entire song in the dark using hand lights.
“The competitive nature of Sweet Adelines appeals to me. I also value the growth mindset and mental agility that my involvement brings. I have taken on many leadership roles including team management, training and audio software oversight.
“This constant search for learning has contributed to my work life at Crescent. I am able to adapt quickly to change, and enjoy working with innovation and technology.”
Nancy Elliott joined Crescent as Coordinator for Crescent Student Services in 2017. She supports the guidance counsellors and the learning support specialists and manages student records.