Fighting Stigma and Nurturing Wellbeing

January’s Mental Health Awareness Month offers special opportunities for deeper learning and exploration of good mental health. Under the theme of Understanding Mental Health: Strategies and Tools for Success, students participated in age- and stage-appropriate activities in each division.
A group of therapy dogs from Corporate Canine Therapy visited the school on Wednesday, January 25. Their handlers were delighted by the positive interactions from the boys, all of whom took turns giving the dogs some love and attention. The large husky, Doongie, wasn’t fazed by the groups of boys and happily rolled over for belly rubs while the tiny pomeranian Bobo was gently held by one student at a time. One boy was heard exclaiming, “I think he likes me!” 

Throughout the month, students engaged in Home Form and Mentor Group conversations exploring mental health, coping mechanisms and the power of seeking help when needed. In addition, Lower School students did meditative art-based projects to reinforce the self-regulating power of breath awareness; Middle School students met with Upper School students who shared their wellbeing journeys, and had special recess activities like nature walks, board games and yoga; and Upper School Students worked on their executive functioning skills and participated in trust-building activities like colouring, building with LEGO, and board games.